Visitors Scheme

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Why do I need to pay for an ambulance in Guernsey?

The island of Guernsey is not part of the UK and therefore not part of the NHS. St John provides Guernsey’s ambulance service and makes a charge for an emergency ambulance response or a non-emergency patient transfer. The charge arises because we are not fully funded by the local government like the other emergency services are. We have a contract with the States of Guernsey which covers only a proportion of the costs to run the service.

What if I don’t join?

An ambulance responding to an emergency call can incur a charge of up to £701 for each response. A non-emergency transfer by ambulance booked by a Health Care Professional will incur a charge of up to £371; other charges will be applied for specialist services (e.g. paramedic treatment). As a St John Supporter Scheme Visitor Member you will not be charged, regardless of the number of emergency responses, treatment or transfers you may need during your stay in Guernsey, for up to three months.

(If you have travel insurance we would advise you to check the benefits to ensure that you are covered for the charges referred to above.)

What is the St John Supporter Scheme for Visitors?

By becoming a member of the Visitors Scheme you’ll help us provide essential services and at the same time support St John. In return you’ll receive:

  • free assessment and medical treatment by paramedics or other qualified ambulance staff;
  • transfer by emergency ambulance, in the event of an injury, serious illness, maternity or other medical condition;
  • transfer by ambulance under the direct instruction of a Health Care Professional where you are unfit to travel by any other means for treatment or medical appointment.

What does it cost?

SINGLE membership of £35

CHILD membership of £13

FAMILY membership of £83

SENIOR CITIZEN membership of £30 (£60 for a couple over 65 years)

How long does membership last?

Membership is valid for 3 months from the date you join. You can join at any time before or during your visit.

St John is a charity, we rely on your support and donations to deliver our services.

If you have a question about the St John Supporters Scheme for visitors please call:-

01481 725211

The St John Emergency Ambulance Service,
Ambulance Station,
St. Peter Port,
GY1 1YN.