Marine Ambulance Supporter Scheme

2021 marine ambulance subscription scheme

CLICK HERE St John Marine Ambulance Subscription Form

OR you can join or renew you membership of the scheme by calling us on 01481 723866

What is the St John Marine Ambulance Subscription Scheme?

An invitation to support the Flying Christine III, in exchange for which you will not be charged if you need an ambulance response, treatment or transfer during the membership period.What are the benefits of membership?

Members of the scheme are not charged should they need:
• a response by the marine ambulance service;
• assessment, diagnosis or treatment by ambulance staff;
• transfer by marine ambulance to Guernsey and ambulance vehicle in Guernsey in the event of an injury, serious illness or other serious medical condition; or under the direct instructions of a Health Care Professional or, if in Sark, the designated Sark Doctor, where they are unfit to travel by any other means for treatment.

If you have any queries please contact us on: 01481 723866