Revolutionary Ypush wheelchair available at St John Healthcare Shop

St John Healthcare is delighted to have been chosen as the launch partner for the world premier of innovative Ypush power assisted wheelchair.

The Ypush is the world’s first carer controlled, power assisted wheelchair, designed by a Guernsey inventor, and is now exclusively available to islanders from the St John Healthcare Shop on the Rohias.

The Ypush is the brainchild of local designer Brian Harrison and uses cutting-edge motor technology and state of the art electronic and mechanical engineering, combined with easy to use controls.

Mr Harrison developed the idea in his workshop in St Andrews before building the first prototypes. The Ypush was unveiled to the healthcare industry at the Rehacare Show in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2019 and is now being launched in Guernsey before going global later this year.

Mr Harrison said: “We are delighted to be working with St John Ambulance Guernsey on this exciting new project. St John has a long history of caring for islanders and vast experience in providing mobility and accessibility solutions through healthcare products. Having done all the research and design in the island we felt it was really important that Guernsey was the first place in the world to have the Ypush.”

It has taken over five years for Brian and his team to develop and refine the product which will soon be in mass production in a specialist factory in Taiwan. Orders have been placed by suppliers in Asia, Europe and America.

“The Ypush focuses on helping the carer. We realised how physically demanding it was for a carer to push someone in a manual wheelchair. Pushing can be challenging enough on a flat surface, but on a slope or a tricky path it can be pretty much impossible. If the carer is struggling and the occupant feels like a burden to the carer, it can feel easier to just stay at home. We wanted to remove that barrier and create a solution that would ensure the carer and occupant could both enjoy getting out and about, and look forward to spending quality time together,” added Mr Harrison.

Nikki Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at St John Ambulance Guernsey said: “We are delighted to be working with Brian and the Ypush team as the chosen agent for this innovative, locally inspired project. We know there is a demand for this kind of product. Since we first previewed the power assisted chair on our social media pages we have been approached by people who would benefit from the Ypush.”

As well as offering the Ypush for sale, the St John Healthcare Shop now has a demonstration Ypush chair available for prospective customers to borrow so they can experience the benefits of the product, with a second chair available for care homes and care providers to use on a trial basis.

The Ypush is Class 1 Medical Device compliant and features puncture proof tyres, a fail-safe braking and an integrated power drive. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use plus it has the advantage that it can be packed up for transportation and exceeds air, rail and shipping requirements making worldwide travel a reality.

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