Community First Responders

Mark Guilbert was one of the first Community First Responders (CFR) in Guernsey and brings with him a wealth of experience as a long serving volunteer for St John.

Mark said: “my 40 year membership in St John Ambulance has given me a good grounding when being called to immediately life threatening calls and the CFR role gave me a good opportunity to utilise my skills more often.

Community First Responder Mark Guilbert

Community First Responder Mark Guilbert

I live in one of the farthest points of the island, so when I respond from home I could be on scene 4-5 minutes before the Ambulance, which is crucial in the provision of early defibrillation for those patients who’s heart has stopped beating.

I have attended heart attacks, cardiac and respiratory arrests and strokes. These calls are mostly out of work hours but I have also responded from work, if I am close to the incident and believe that I can assist prior to the arrival of the emergency ambulance.

The EMTs and Paramedics always value the role that the CFR plays and will go out of their way to further my knowledge and experience.  I also believe that I have a contribution to make by providing an extra pair of hands when the ambulance arrives whether this is carrying patient belongings to the vehicle through to performing CPR alongside the responding crew”.